From Asmythe


The Riverwood is a relatively warm and wet region with frequent mild storms coming off the Elba river and the Edge mountains protecting it from the fierce storms of the Tempest. It is a temperate climate similar to the Pacific North West, especially West of the Cascades.


The Far Verge was once a capitol of at least one faction of Ilthura and the elves and dwarves of the area are more civilized and advanced than many of those around Asmythe. Humans came to this land relatively recently as the voyage from Altazar is dangerous and the winds are not favorable for such a voyage. But when humans did finally arrive they found it relatively hospitable and it would have become very prosperous if not for the disruption caused by Fellator that nearly tore down the Armada Empire.


Edge Mountains

Impassable mountains, many steep cliffs and dead canyons. Giants, Trolls, Ettins, Dragons, and other fell beasts are frequent residents. The mountains are also rich in minerals, which can be traded for with the dwarves or sifted out of the hills and rivers.

Elba Sea

Cold water from the Iceflow Sea and warm water from the Seriander Ocean meet resulting in frequent mild storms that feed the Riverwood.


A large wet highland caged between surrounding hills. Some kind of magical fugue lays over the Erechwood and it is a very dangerous place to get lost. No expedition has ever returned from the Erechwood intact and trade routs skirt wide around it.

Galad Hills

This region is largely unexplored despite, or because of, a large Ilthura ruin within it. The beasts and monsters in the Galad Hills are large and ferocious, especially around the ruins.

Mulhat Mountains

Not as large or imposing as the Edge Mountains but too far North to explore. Goblins inhabit the Pryderi plateau on the other side and occasionally venture over the mountains into the Riverwood.

Reef Isles

These isles are of little interest to the Armada. They are rocky and desolate and few ships travel this route to the capitol in Altazar. As such it has become the home of many pirate groups which raid coastal towns and ships traveling between Amren and Ranaban.

Ringing Hills

The Ringing Hills are abundant with ore and Ilthura ruins but also many beasts such as giants, Trolls, Ettins, and worse that come down off the mountains.


Scattered around the Riverwood are the giant Ark Trees favored by the elves. The forest itself is vast and trackless. Or, more accurately, the things that make tracks are the things that should be avoided.


Each of the major cities in the Riverwood is the seat of an Armada city-state. The cities are each self governing and trade between them promotes good relationships, for the most part. Metal and manufactured goods move South in exchange for agricultural goods. The rivers are mostly passable to small ships up to Scranton. Overland travel is dangerous and there are few roads, except where the rivers are impassable or to avoid the Erechwood, Galad Hills, and other persistent dangers.


On the shores of the The Black Lake where the waters exit into the Erechwood, it is the gateway between the dwarven holds and the Armada cities.


Amren is the largest city and trading port in the Verge. The lands around have been tamed and there are many farming villages in the area between the Edge Mountains and the Elba sea and as far North as the Riverwood. Amren, the king of Amren, has lived hundreds of years; his life extended lovingly by his fairy wife, an elven druid.




A forested city with a very strong military tradition. Foster is home to the most rugged and expert rangers in all the Verge. It is deep in the Riverwood and frequently beset by beasts. But despite this, the king of Foster continues to try to tome the forest by settling keeps and outposts wherever they can persist.

Trades mainly in timber, furs, and other products of the forest. Foster is a major stopping point on the North-South river passage.




Mage college, trading port.


Situated between Aldrin and Foster and on the edge of the Galad Hills. It sits over the ruins of a great damn build by the Ilthura and is the northern most stop on the river passage. From here trade and travelers must go by land, skirting the Erechwood toward Aldrin.