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Religions of Asmythe

Deep in the Tempest Sea is an archipelago of craggy isles. These are the Dragon Isles and most of these are the heads, backs, and tails of the dagapesh, floating in eternal slumber for years uncountable. As the dagapash hibernate they dream of life on Asmythe and what they dream becomes real. They created Asmythe and they will destroy it.

All life is affected by the dreams of the dagapesh and we call this effect primal magic. The recognition and mastery of primal magic is the basis of religion among the sentient races of Asmythe. The elves honor all dagapesh equally and use their connection to the dreams in their druidic magic. Humans, being more egotistical by nature, have formed guilds and organizations around each of the dagapesh. Dwarves generally ignore the existence of the dagapesh.

All creatures are affected by primal magic and some learn to influence it. Those who practice and develop physical and mental discipline find their connection to the dagapesh becomes more powerful.

Each of the dagapesh are associated with a set of sounds and emotions and manifest in the world through these. Divas gain power from the dagapesh when they experience these emotions and use music to create emotion. Each dagapesh has a musical instrument used to mimic their sound.

Although the dagapesh are universal they tend to attract disciples of a particular race, nation, of disposition. The dagapesh themselves do not notice races and nations, as you don't notice the bacteria that lives on your skin and in your gut.


The Eye of Sol

The Song of Sol is an order of diplomats within the Armada empire and a school for all who use primal magic. Follow the link for more details.


Sylvani druids protect and nurture the natural, living land of Asmythe.


Delver alchemists create tools and machines for delver cities.


The six dagapesh are aligned in three oppositions. Dagapesh and clerics of each dagapesh that are opposed are usually not openly hostile toward toward each other, as light and shadow coexist as opposites. Only Acedia is neutral.

Opposed Dagapesh
Nedolya - Joy vs Malu - Grief
Arwenna - Wisdom vs Irae - Ambition
Sirona - Fate vs Ankou - Fanatic

Acedia - Apathy

Acedia has few followers and no purpose to strive toward. Even though he is thought to be the most powerful of all dagapesh he is generally regarded as useless and uninteresting. Acedia is associated with total darkness and blinding light and the emotions apathy, indifference, boredom, and depression. Instrument: Bagpipes

Nedolya - Joy

People following this dagapesh promote joy, health, and propagation of life. Nedolya is associated with the afternoon hours between mid-day and dusk and the emotions joy, passion, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, and gratitude. Instrument: Lyre

Malu - Grief

People following this dagapesh inflict pain, kill, and destroy life. Malu is associated with the deep night, between midnight and dawn and the emotions grief, sorrow, suffering, guilt, misery, terror, surprise, and horror. Malu's symbol is the image of a circle, pierced by a white lightning bolt and painted red on a black background. Instrument: Drums

Arwenna - Wisdom

Followers of Arwenna put the happiness of others above their own. They help all people, even those they don't agree with and expect no reward for their actions. Arwenna is associated with the morning hours between dawn and mid-day and the emotions awe, curiosity, excitement, love, and hope. Arwenna's symbol is a twelve-point star-burst in gold and silver. Instrument: Xylophone

Irae - Ambition

Followers of Irae strive to become the best person they can, the richest, smartest, strongest, and most powerful. They will help others when the reward outweighs the effort. Irae is associated with evening between dusk and midnight and the emotions envy, remorse, jealousy, embarrassment, pity, contempt, and loneliness. Irae's symbol is a crossed sword and lightning bolt on an azure background. Instrument: Trumpet

Sirona - Fate

Clerics of Sirona believe in the determinism of the universe, and that individuals are pawns in the grand design. There are no coincidences and nothing is random. Followers of Sirona believe that all creatures have a pre-determined destiny that they can not know or change. Sirona is associated with dusk and the setting sun and the emotions anxiety, frustration, disappointment, despair, and dread. Sirona's symbol is three crossed bones with three stars around it, yellow on a green background. Instrument: Lute

Ankou - Fanatic

Clerics of Ankou are dedicated to changing the world. Each individual or small group has a single purpose or goal that they pursue at all cost and they have little regard for those not willing to help them fulfill their purpose. The specific purpose will vary by group and individual but is always something momentous and world-changing. Ankou is associated with dawn and sunrise and the emotions pride, anger, boldness, hatred, and bravery. Instrument: Flute