Far Verge

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In the modern era the Far Verge is home to dozens of scattered nations. The wars have settled down and many nations have treaties with at least some of their neighbors. The wars and conflicts that remain reflect the disagreements and enmities of the gods themselves.

Generally, each race rules and occupies it's own nations. Trade and migration are common but so is racism and stereotyping. The most that can be said is that nothing is universal, each nation has it's own laws and each person has their own views and motives.

Adventuring is common among all the nations although each has it's own way of organizing and employing them, or not. Among most of the nations adventurers are commonly employed as private mercenaries, spies, shock troops, and any other task that requires talented but expendable people.

Adventurers are usually trained in private or state-run guilds or occasionally as apprentices; self-taught adventurers are rare in most nations.


During the summer months, warm winds blow up through the Elba Sea, bringing lots of rain and plenty of storms as the wet air pushes against the cold mountain ranges that ring the Verge. In the winter the Southern winds die down, replaced with cold fronts emanating from the North. Winters tend to be cold and comparatively dry.

Nations of the Verge

Nation Aligned Cosmos
Aurvushan Fanatic
Dominion of Lamn Pain
Dominion of Slew Pain
Dynasty of Hoy Fate
Federation of Amren Selfless
Ferholt Health
Holds of Thwat Health
Kingdom of Rupon Selfish
Kingdom of Tanpras Fanatic
Nation of Rao Selfish
Realm of Beh Fanatic
Republic of Ya Selfless
State of Soto Fate
Tribes of Capiri Fate

In addition to the twelve major nations there are many smaller kingdoms and municipalities which may or may not be aligned with the same cosmos as their neighbors.

Geography of the Verge