Gray Ghost

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Gray Ghost is a mini-setting about *dimension hopping time pirates* designed for fast episodic games without too much preparation. Imagine a mashup of Guardians of the Galaxy and Sliders with inspiration from Doctor Who and Lost In Space.

The Gray Ghost is the name of the dimensional space ship. On the outside it is solid matt silver, pill shaped, and about 5 meters tall and 15 meters long. Inside is cramped but has enough space for eight crew including a shared bunk room, workshop, medical bay, bridge, and galley. The medical bay has two regeneration capsules that will fully heal and cure any creature in 48 hours. The crew has changed so many times over so many years that they no longer remember the origin of the ship and they don't fully understand how it works or how to pilot it. The ship itself is impervious to all external damage from any known source, but many internal systems can behave erratically from years of inexpert use. The ship also has internal gravity and can fly silently through any known fluid at sub-sonic speed and in space at super-luminal speeds.

In each game/episode the Gray Ghost arrives in a new dimension and the crew must locate and retrieve a "time crystal" to recharge the ship and jump to a new dimension. The time crystal is a mundane objects that, for some unknown reason, has absorbed a significant amount of time energy. It can only be located and identified by using "The Device", a kind of scanner that detects time crystals. The closer it is to the crystal the more precisely it can locate it; at far distance it may only be able to locate the crystal somewhere in a wide arc, but within a few inches it causes the time crystal to glow. If it is lost The Device can be rebuilt with some super-science materials that can, generally, be synthesized in the workshop from some rare material available in any dimension.

Crewmembers can be of any race and background from any dimension and are more able than most of their race. They typically have a strong and well developed archetype. When creating a crew member players have a number of points they can allocate to any racial abilities, character traits, and powers. With so few limits the challenge for character creation is to create a fun concept and turn it into a viable character. Edges, hinderances, and powers can come from any companion source *except* SWADE Pathfinder. The Fantasy Companion, Super Powers Companion, and Science Fiction Companion are good sources.

Crew have:

  • +2 total points from racial/ancestry abilities; choose attributes that are universal to the race, not necessarily abilities for your character concept. Use any example race or create a new one.
  • Standard character creation from the core book, including all edges and hinderances from expansion content, except Arcane and Weird edges (use super powers instead) or any deemed inappropriate.
  • 30 super power points, equivalent to Level II super heroes from the Super Powers Companion. This reflects special training, equipment, and natural abilities. Characters are space pirates, not costumed comic-book super heroes.

Campaign Notes

  • Currency is different in each dimension. Some societies value gold, some don't. Wealth is all but meaningless in this setting.
  • Each dimension will react differently to strange looking characters. Some favorably, some with revulsion or aggression. And because each player character is unique some may have favorable reactions while other suffer. Don't assume humanoid bias.
  • Although it is rarely an issue, food and supplies are not self-replicating in the Gray Ghost.
  • Physics are the same in every dimension and, excluding super-science and magic, action and reaction are predictable everywhere.
  • Every character has a Babel Fish, an organic symbiote that automatically and telepathically translates spoken language. This enables them to communicate directly with any civilized creature. It does not translate written language and does not translate through any kind of electronic or mechanical device like a speaker system.
  • Death is death. When a character dies the player can choose to play with an existing crew member or new crew member they recruit during an adventure. Either way, the player is creating a new character.