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This is a timeline of major events in Asmythe. Most of these events are unknown to the most of the civilizations of Asmythe.


  • The Elder Dragons created the world of Asmythe and seeded it with life.
  • The Elder Dragons created the Ilthura to be the guardians and stewards of Asmythe.

First Age

  • This age began when the Elder Dragons went into hibernation.
  • The Ilthura created a prosperous world-wide civilization creating many cities and towns and such throughout the world.
  • The Ilthura experimented with creating life.
  • The Ilthura split into multiple factions.
  • One Ilthid faction created the elves and another created the dwarves to serve them as thralls.
  • Other factions created other thrall races, but none were as powerful as the first two.
  • The factions began to war with each other, using magic and creating monstrous armies.
  • This era ends when all Ilthura disappeared from Asmythe and the moon Rolene appeared.

Second Age

  • This age began after the disappearance of the Ilthura.
  • The elves, dwarves, and other thrall races are suddenly without masters.
  • The world is overrun with monsters created during the first age.
  • The cities and structures created by the Ilthure fall into ruin and are inhabited by the monsters they created.
  • The elves, dwarves, and other thrall races adapt and many learn to survive.
  • Elves discover Nature magic and use stealth and small nomadic settlements to survive.
  • Dwarves discover Artifact magic and create large bastions of strength in the mountains.
  • This age ends when humans and orcs arrive on Asmythe.

Third Age

This age begins when humans and orcs arrive on Asmythe. This age is also the beginning of written history and the counting of years. Humans and goblins began counting years at about the same time, for this timeline we use the date as tracked by the human Armada Empire, YA (Years of Arrival).

  • ~0 YA -- Humans and Goblins/Orcs crash on Asmythe, along with much wreckage from a great space battle above Asmythe.
  • ~30 YA -- The Armada Empire is formed from the first few towns of Asmythe. About the same time the goblin empire is born.
  • ~100 YA -- The goblin empire allies with the dwarves of Cozak.
  • ~200 YA -- Goblin ships reach the Heirlands but are rebuffed from the interior by Elven forces.
  • ~250 YA -- Armada ships circumnavigate the Sea of Solitude and the empire expands into Kelgaard and Eastern Erronia.
  • ~350 YA -- Goblin ships reach The Verge and settle in the Pryderi.
  • ~400 YA -- Armada ships reach The Verge and settle in the Riverwood.
  • ~1000 YA -- Faelltor discovers necromancy and attempts to overthrow the Armada Empire.
  • ~1100 YA -- Current campaign year.