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Supernatural Powers

Supernatural Powers, "Magic", have two different sources in Asmythe and those sources manifest in very different ways.

Dragon Magic

The Elder Dragons sleep and dream and those dreams can affect the world. Some people have dedicated themselves and learned to become part of those dreams and through the dreams of the Elder Dragons affect the world.

Dragon Magic is the magic of life and mind, of thought and living things. It can not affect non-living things directly. Humans and Hobgoblins who have mastered the ability to walk in the dreams of dragons find they can affect the emotions of others and even cripple or heal other people.

Dragon Magic can only directly affect living things. It can not affect non-living things. It can change living things in any number of ways, including mind-affecting ways. Anything animated by Ilthid Magic may be considered a living thing for the purpose of mind-affecting magic, because the force that animates them is a living outsider.

Elven "Druid" Magic

The Ilthids themselves mastered both kinds of magic. But they did not rely on the dreams of Elder Dragons, they were able to alter living things directly through their own power. Some of that power was given to the Elves in the First Age. During the Second Age this power diminished and they learned how to access the dreams of the Elder Dragons. They developed their power into a mastery of nature. Elven priests are able to affect how plants grow and to talk to animals.

Ilthid Magic

The Ilthids were masters of the planes, able to summon energy and outsiders from the expansive Cosmology of Asmythe. Some people have dedicated themselves to learning the language of the Ilthids and though the symbols and structures of that language summon energy and outsiders into Asmythe.

Ilthid magic is the magic of moving energy and of outsiders between the planes. It can not directly affect anything in Asmythe. Humans and Hobgoblins who have mastered this power can summon bolts of lightning, bind outsiders to inanimate objects, and even create magical portals.

Ilthid Magic can only move things between the planes, usually energy or outsiders. It can summon an outsider to animate a non-living thing and create portals within Asmythe to move people and objects from one place to another. It is easier to move energy from planes that are "further" from Asmythe.

In the cosmology of Asmythe there are conceptual planes of thought and emotion. Through Ilthid magic it is possible to summon a Fear Elemental, or a ball of Blissful energy; but it is not possible to instill those emotions directly into a living things.

Dwarven "Artificer" Magic

The dwarves that have master Ilthid magic are able to empower and animate their machines. For examples of dwarven magic read Girl Genius.