Genesys House Rules

From Asmythe

Genesys is a framework system from Fantasy Flight Games. It is ideal for a lore heavy, narrative friendly world like Asmythe.

This setting book is organized in the same order as the core Genesys rule book.

Core Rules

Core rules are unchanged expect as described below.

Experience and Development

Experience allocation is reduced to better fit a campaign style game. A typical experience award is 5-10 XP per session. Skill and Talent cost is unchanged, 5x new-level to improve.


Character Creation

Character creation has been simplified. Archetypes are gone, in favor of a system that allows much greater definition and flexibility.

First describe your character:

  1. Decide Concept
  2. Decide Race
  3. Decide Family Background
  4. Decide motivations and personality

Then determine starting attributes, skills, and talents.

Determine Attributes: Design Note: Character creation was the only time in the game that experience points could be used to increase attributes, which felt weird. This is functionally the same as allocating 100XP to attributes, but far simpler.

  • All attributes start at 2
  • Attributes can't be increased above 4.
  • Allocate 3 points to attributes. (3,3,3,2,2,2 or 4,3,2,2,2,2)
  • Attributes can be decreased to 1 to gain another increase point.
  • An attribute point can be converted to 20 experience points.

Determine Skills and Talents:

  • Allocate 50XP to skills and talents
  • No skill or talent may be higher than 2, or tier 2.


General Skills

Fighting Skills

Professional and Knowledge Skills