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This map includes all the major continents of the Northern hemisphere of Asmythe. The equator passes through the Erronian jungles. The Asmythe/Earth Scale Map shows the comparative size of this region to a similar sized region on Earth.


Home of the Empire

Anvil Sea

Fierce Sothern currents and unpreditable storms plague this sea.


Deserts and mountains, a place of harsh survival and great mineral wealth.


Mountainous island of dwarves and Orcs.

Dragon Isles

The home of the dragons in the middle of the stormy tempest sea.

Elba Sea

Cold currents from the North and warm air from the south make this a windy and rough sea in The Verge.


A humid region to the South, covered in tropical rainforests and savana.


The cold norther continent, with forests to the south and tundra to the north.


Land of nomadic elves and.

Iceflow Sea

An cold and windy northern sea.


A humid savanna on the Western edge of the Empire.

Sea of Solitude

Calm waters and counter-clockwise currents around this sea make travel between Altazar and Kelgaard relatively easy.

Sea of Spears

A relatively calm sea prone to sudden and fierce storms that can carry a ship dangerously close to The Tempest Sea.

Seriander Ocean

A turbulent ocean bringing summer hurricanes and winter storms.

Solestran Ocean

A mild ocean buffering the edges of the known world.

The Tempest Sea

A sea of constant storms and unexpected jagged islands. There is no return from The Temest.

The Verge

A lush and prosperous region on the Northern edge of the Empire.


A thickly foerested land on the far edge of the known world. In habited by beasts and horrors.