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Here collected are unsorted notes about Asmythe. The information here is unknown to the races that inhabit Asmythe and these notes are intended for Game Masters.

Human and Orcs were space fairing races at war with each other. During a battle over Asmythe destroyed ships from each side crashed onto Asmythe; humans in Altazar and Orcs in Cozak. Each race brought with them their culture and scientific knowledge. However, on Asmythe, computers don't function and both races were severely crippled because of it. They lost all their technology but their cultures persisted; mainly navy/army cultural roots.

Ilthura created the moon Rolene and fled Asmythe to live there. They were forced to leave Asmythe by the Elder Dragons, that was the last time the dragons were awake on Asmythe. They were on Rolene when the humans and orcs brought their battle to space above Asmythe and were probably influential in the outcome of that battle.

Magic has shaped culture and technology on Asmythe in many ways.

  • computers don't work, the most "high tech" machines are the clockwork machines of the dwarves.
  • both arcane and dream magic can communicate instantaneously over infinite distance.
  • humans and orcs use magic for war; elves and dwarves use magic for sustainability.
  • arcane magic can create energy sources, which makes it perfect to drive ships, carts, etc. and to power some industries like metallurgy. But the rarity of magic users means that such energy sources are only found in large cities.

Dwarves on Asmythe are inspired by the dwemer of Elder Scrolls and Tolkien.

Elves are inspired by ElfQuest and Tolkien.

The Elder Dragons are god-power creatures that physically exist and are sleeping among the Dragon Islands.

In addition to the Elder Dragons there are beast-like (non-magical, uncivilized) dragons rarely all over the world. These dragons are huge creatures with appearance similar to the standard western dragon. Each has a vast territory, spanning many hundreds of miles. These dragons are non-magical and completely immune to all kinds of magic. They do not hoard wealth, but may "terrorize" settlements in search of food. These dragons are revered in most cultures and seen as emissaries of the Elder Dragons (though they are not). Once a year all the dragons migrate to the Dragon Isles to mate; the departure and return of the dragons is a common holiday for dwarves and elves.

Death is the end and there is no "afterlife" in Asmythe. The souls of all creatures on Asmythe disappear immediately after death, they do not persist in some other plane of existence. They either dissipate into the AEther or are consumed by the Elder Dragons. Under some conditions is may be possible to "burn" the soul of a dying creature for energy before the soul dissipates, but that technique won't be discovered in the 3rd era of Asmythe.

Monsters tend toward "dark/gothic horror" style, rather than traditional roman mythic, especially for "outsider" creatures.