The Verge

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In the beginning of time The Verge was home to one of the greater Ilthura factions. They concentrated their building in large cities and "factories" and left most of the land fallow. When they dissapeared the elves and dwarves migrated out of the Ilthura cities into the wild lands and settled there.

Early in the third age Goblinoid ships arrived from the West and settled in Sabina forest and, especially, in the Pryderi plateau. Soon afterward humans arrived from the South and settled the Riverwood and the Sothern edge of the Sabina forest.

The civilized races of The Verge keep to themselves and live in uneasy peace. Rarely Orcs from the Pryderi will come across or around the Mulhat mountains to harass residents of the Rivewood. Orcs and humans are much more proximate in the Sabina forest and conflict there is much more common.


Areti Marsh

The Areti plains are a lowland area between the Pryderi plateau and the Sabina forest. Strong, wet winds from the Elba sea produce more rainfall than the land can drain, resulting in a very wet, cold, marshy area.

This land is inhabited by a race of ferociously territorial saurians and many beasts.

Leum Forest

The Leum Forest is unexplored. Fierce storms off the Tempest and the Edge Mountains prevent travel to and from the Leum. A dragon lives in the mountains above the Leum forest.


The Pryderi plateau is a cold, dry region secluded between mountain ranges. Orcs inhabit this region.


The Riverwood is a wet and hilly temperate region. Storms from the Seriander Ocean produce heavy rain against the Edge and Mulhat Mountains feeding the many rivers that snake through the area. Many of these are drained by the Londerloss River, which is quite large by the time it reaches the sea.

This is the most inhabited region of The Verge. It is home to several Armada kingdoms, at least two dwarven holds, and a few elven tribes.

Sabina Forest

The Sabina Forest is colder, dryer, and flatter than the Riverwood. The Armada was only beginning to settle here when the Great Mutiny occurred and thus the kingdoms here are smaller and have less contact and allegiance to the Armada than those in the Riverwood.

Were Island

The dormant volcano on Were Island is the home of a dragon and the island itself is home to many terrible beasts. Despite the importance of the location as a seaport no settlement has been able to survive long enough to become permanent.