From Asmythe


Humans are no more average or common than any other race on Asmythe, they just happen to be located near the center of the civilized world and their nomadic nature means they can be found anywhere any other race makes it home. Humans are also much less "attached" to their homeland than any other race. Perhaps it is because they have only one permanent city of their own, or it could be the harsh life on the plains so close to the heart of the ancient empire, but whatever it is, humans seem to prefer to live anywhere other than their homeland and it is rare to hear a human wax nostalgic about the scrub-lands where his race was born.

Most races welcome humans into their lands, others consider them beggars and squatters. Humans have the greatest range of ability of all the races, usually adapting to wherever they have taken up residence. More than any other race, humans are shaped by their surroundings. They adopt the characteristics and culture of the lands where they live.


Almost anywhere any other race has made it's home, but most commonly in the hobling and elven lands. In their homeland, humans are nomadic and roam from place to place following the herds and the weather. They live in yurts, tents or other small portable housing that they can easily pick up and move as they desire.


Humans like good food. They won't turn their noses against something if they are hungry, but if it's available they will always try to get the best fair possible. In the homeland they eat simply of flat bread and dried meat, and wild fruits and nuts when they are available.


Humans tend to be a serious folk, but they also enjoy large feasts and parties. If anything typical can be said of humans it is that they are adaptable and they don't like disappointments or rejection. Humans will do whatever they can to fit in with those around them, and will often become sullen or angry if criticized or admonished.


Tall, like elves, but of thicker build. Their skin is usually light tan to light brown, with blond to dark hair and blue or brown eyes. They prefer simple, free flowing clothes like tunics and dresses, but adapt and color them to fit local fashion.

Fighting Style

Humans usually fight in small quads, using long sword, spears, bows, or even pole weapons as appropriate.

Homeland Government

In the homeland human settlements and roaming tribes are segregated into social classes. There are three such classes: “salvos”, who do the manual labor; “meritos”, who are tradesmen; and “pators”, the ruling class. Among the ruling class decisions are made my committee, or by a designated leader.


As with everything else, human names often take on the characteristics of the place live. In the human homeland names are usually short with a family or tribe name on the end. Human names are similar to Jewish, British, Greek names.

Example: Josh Weisenheimer.