From Asmythe

On the Eastern edge of the old empire and bordered on the east by the Edge Mountains are the Homelands of the Kelgaard. The Kelgaard were once a mighty race, they fought like berserkers, had magic on their side and quickly conquered the barbarian tribes around them. Their empire expanded for many quickly and for many generations they controlled all the lands west of the Edge Mountains and east of the Brire Lands from sea to sea. But the Kelgaard eventually became soft and weak in the conquered lands. When the Empire crossed the waters from the south and landed on Kelgaard shores they brought with them weapons and magic unknown and unequaled. The Kelgaard were driven back, to the north, into their ancient homeland. There Lensal, the last great warlord of the Kelgaard, made a stand and stopped the Empire advancement. Fortunately the Empire needed to concentrate their forces elsewhere and the Kelgaards were left their lands, for the time being. For many more generations the Kelgaards struggled to retake their old empire, always to be repelled by the new Empire forces occupying the border. Then the real invasion started; elves, gnomes, hobbits, orcs, and ogres began migrating into Kelgaard lands. These new immigrants stressed the already pressured resources of the Kelgaard beyond their limits. Without the resources to strike back the Kelgaards disappeared very quickly. In only three generations the Kelgaard families were reduced to nomadic bands of mercenaries working for the empire that destroyed them. Ironically just after the last Kelgaard family left their lands to become mercenaries the Empire fell to the hands of Dragons and Demons. Now the Homelands are a chaotic organization of humanoid and demi-human tribes struggling against each other for land and resources.