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Goblins are a cunning warlike race originally from the cold reaches of the Northern mountains they spread throughout Asmythe during the third era. Most goblin lands usually support even less agriculture than the dwarven tunnels, but goblins have never been agriculturally inclined anyway, so they live buy hunting and eating the other inhabitants of the lands. Goblin society honors the strongest and leave the weakest to die, become enslaved, or eaten. To goblins hoblings and other races are meat for the platter and only the strongest humans and dwarves are accepted into their society. Needless to say, this attitude is not appreciated by the other races.

The Goblin race is composed of three sub-races: goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. Hobgoblins are the smartest of the lot and typically play the role of leader and warmonger. The Bugbears are the strongest, the brutes and enforcers of goblin society. Goblins are the weakest and by far the most numerous, they are the soldiers and laborers. These roles were determined eons ago; there is no such thing as "climbing the ladder" in goblin society.


Although Goblins prefer caves, dense forest, and other dim environs they are well adapted to any location with enough meat to sustain them.


Meat, whatever they can catch; usually poorly cooked and barely seasoned.


Goblins tend to be mean, brutal, unforgiving, and vengeful. They don't mix well with "civilized" society and often come into conflict with their misunderstanding neighbors over who is and isn't food who should have ownership over food and land.

Goblins are generally feared and hated by other races, more for their brutality and unpredictable nature than any physical, mental, or industrial aspect of their culture.


Hobgoblins have dark brown or black skin, rough angular features, black or white hair and fierce brown or black eyes.

Goblins are smaller than the rest of their ilk by several inches and tend to have lighter, greyer skin and hair.

Bugbears are not a lot taller than hobgoblins but they are much wider and much more muscular; their skin and hair color fall somewhere between the goblins and hobgoblins.

Fighting Style

Goblins prefer large, sharp, and pointy weapons. A typical goblin raiding party consists of one or two hobgoblins, one bugbear, a dozen goblins, and several goblin dogs. The goblins and goblin dogs lead the charge with the bugbear close behind; the hobgoblins may take flanking positions, employ missile weapons, or otherwise attack from a position of advantage.

Homeland Government

Goblin society is strictly structured. At it's core it is a Kratocracy, rule by whoever can take and keep power, but it is always lead by a dominant hobgoblin or, rarely, a council of hobgoblins. Unexpectedly the hobgoblin leaders are usually female, permitting the males more opportunity to participate in raids and the machines of war.


Goblins like to chew on their names, and have taken to adding outrageous honorifics to the end. Goblin names are similar to Mongolian, Polish, and Turkish names.

Example: Kragmar the slayer of giant hordes and eater of dragon eyeballs.