Federation of Amren

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The Federation of Amren is a collective of city-states on the foothills of the Edge Mountains. The Federation of Amren is a member of the Empire.

The mountains and foothills are abundant in ore and ancient ruins, making it a rich location. But the dangers of the area make agriculture difficult, especially to the North where the city-states rely on trade for most of their basic supplies. South of the Galad hills the Pryderi plains are prosperous and the population sufficient enough to provide the protection and commerce necessary to support agriculture. North of the hills, and the hills themselves, the lands are too wild to support agricultural communities but minerals and other trade goods are more abundant. This creates a natural flow of finished goods from the North into the South for food, wool, and other necessities.

Each city is largely self-governed and has a great deal of autonomy from the Federation. The senate decides foreign policy and also makes policy on things that affect the Federation as a whole. The senate is composed of twenty officials representing the cities of the nation. Each city selects it's officials in it's own way; some are elected, some are selected, some are hereditary.

Cities and Towns

There are many more villages and hamlets in the Federation than are shown on the above map; only the cities and towns with representatives in the senate are shown. These villages are rely on a nearby city for protection and commerce, pledging their fealty as a burg of the city.

Each of the major towns is about one day's long walk from each other along the road. Carts, caravans, and encumbered travelers will usually take two days between each town, stopping at inns and villages along the way.


Aldrin is on the southern edge of the Rivers Wood. It is a logging and forestry city and the gateway to the State of Soto.


Amren, located on the shores of the Elba Sea, is the largest and wealthiest city of the Federation and the seat of the senate. It is the central trade hub between the Federation and the other nations of the Verge and the Empire. It's role as a trade gateway to the Empire make it one of the largest cities in the Verge.


Daigle is a town on the southern edge of the Galad Hills. In addition to livestock it supports mining communities in the hills and some trade with Khorholt.

Daigle has one representative in the senate.


Foster is the central hub for archeology and academic research in the Federation. It's location on the edge of the "haunted" Erechwood and proximity to the Galad Hills and Edge Mountains makes it an ideal place for arcane studies.


Galson is a agricultural town in the Prydei plains. It's location on the edge of the Federation is the only exciting trait of this relatively quiet location.

Galson has one representative in the senate.


Malan is as fishing town.

Malan has one representative in the senate.


Ranaban is located on the trade route between the northern and southern parts of the Federation. It is located on the road between the Mistary Marsh and the Galad Hills and has sufficient military strength to fend off fell creatures from either.


Scranton is an agriculture and mining town on the main North/South trade route.

Scranton has two representatives in the senate.


Taya is a fishing and agriculture town.

Taya has one representative in the senate.


Warren is a mining town just north of the Mistary Marsh.

Warren has one representative in the senate.


/Edge Mountains/

The Edge Mountains near the Federation are home of the Dwarven nation of Aurvushan. The dwarves, however, are more interested in mining and crafting than patrolling the mountains.


The Erechwood is still infused with magical fallout for a great war centuries ago. Fey and fell creatures call it home and no sane person of any civilized race would call it home.

Fern River

The Fern River is a tributary of the Wyvern River, connecting to it in the middle of the Erechwood.

/Galad Hills/

The Galad Hills have seen many inhabitants over the ages, each mining and delving for their own purpose. The ruins left behind provide ample habitat for all manner of creatures from civilized mining towns to brutal tribes of orcs and ogres.

Kol River

The Kol river flown from the mountains near Khorholt through the southern Galad hills where it meets with the Londerloss inside the city of Amren near the Elba Sea.

Londerloss River

The Londerloss is the great river that flows from the Slab Mountains South along the Edge Mountains to the Elba Sea. For most of it's length it runs fast and deep and often floods in the spring.

/Mistary Marsh/

A low point where the Galad Hills extend into the Prydari collects waters from the Londerloss River. Many crumbling ruins poke through the marsh, suggesting that the marsh was once a gigantic city.

/Pryderi Plains/

The Pryderi Plains exist between the Edge Mountains and the larger Torus Plains to the East. In contrast to the Torus Plains, the Pryderi is actually long and low rolling hills perfect for livestock.

/Rivers Wood/

The Rivers Wood make the northern border of the Federation. Where most of the lands of the Federation have been clear-cut many centuries ago, the population in the northern federation has never been large or active enough to cut the forest faster than it can grow.

Wyvern River

The Wyvern River flows out of Aurvushan through the Erechwood to the Londerloss, just North of the Galad Hills.