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The Empire

The Empire is a loose federation of nations and city-states throughout Asmythe. All nations are welcome to join The Empire and none are forced to remain part of it.

Being a member nation has many benefits, and several disadvantages. For example:

  • Member nations must recognize the currency of The Empire and must not create their own currency. Dwarven coins are officially banned, but the ban is rarely enforced.
  • Member nations must follow strict war protocols. Attacking another member nation without a formal war declaration results in a formal war declaration by all other member nations against the violating nation.
  • Member nations must recognize the common language, Empire Common, and conduct all state and business transactions using the common language.

Although all nations and races are welcome to the Empire the laws of the Empire tend to discourage Dwarven, Elven, and Goblin nations.


The Empire appeared shortly after the cataclysm that ended the second era. The Empire was founded by a tribe of humans as a stronghold against the rampaging goblins. All races were welcome to join the Empire but it has always been primarily a human enterprise.

The Empire endured the third age and even managed to grow beyond the shadows of the Dragon Peaks. In the year one thousand and one the priests of the Empire discovered how to draw on the power of the cosmos and fight back against the goblins. Within a few decades the Empire stretched across half of Asmythe. Then the goblins learned how to harness the gods and a kind of equilibrium was reached.

In the current day nations from all over Asmythe have joined The Empire. Although membership is not universal and the world is still at war, some semblance of order has returned to the lands of Asmythe.


The Empire, by it's nature, is composed of many factions, organizations, and member states.

The Principles of Honor

The Principles of Honor are an elite force of champions in service to the empire. Every member takes this oath and is expected to live by it unto death.

  • The health of the Empire is my only concern for a healthy Empire has healthy people.
  • I will live each day with courage and courage will sustain me.
  • I will take pride in my work for it will the be the best that I can do.
  • I will always complete the tasks that I begin for I will only begin tasks worth completing.
  • I will do what must be done and forgo pointless exercise.
  • I will be firm and fair and yield when there is nothing to gain.
  • I will make no promises I can not keep and keep all promises I make.

The Eye of Faith

Early in the third age the Empire created a secret police composed of wizards. The Eye of Faith has two primary goals:

  • Seeks out and destroy the enemies of the empire, especially goblins.
  • And ensure the Empire's existence by infiltrating every city and nation in Asmythe and doing whatever it takes to convince the government there not to oppose the Empire, even if they choose not to be members of the Empire.

The Priests of Sol

The Priests of Sol are a holy order with no particular alliance to any specific god. The binding principle of the Priests is to seek out and destroy demons and other outsiders. The Priests tend to travel in groups of ten to fifty and are very obvious in their golden robes and outspoken temperament. They make no secret of their existence or their mission.