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Aurvushan is a dwarven nation location on the edge of the Federation of Amren. It consists of two major holds on the Eastern side of the Edge Mountains.

The dwarves of Aurvushan are isolationist. They rarely trade or interact with their neighbors preferring instead to delve inward and downward.


The holds of Aurvushan are extremely well defended by natural geography.


Aurvushan is the northern hold near the Erechwood. The area is rich in ancient artifacts and mineral deposits. The wealth of the mountains is kept in the hold, which is lavishly decorated by common standards.

The dwarves of Aurvushan are almost never seen outside the hold. Ocassionally a member of the hold is banished and if they survive the journey may find their way into the Federation of Amren.


Khorholt isn't as rich or as isolationist as Aurvushan but they are no less stubborn. The dwarves of Khorholt have been known to trade there less worthless trinkets in exchange for food and other soft goods. If the merchant is able to survive the trip from Amren and back it can be quite profitable for them.