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Home of the Empire


Deserts and mountains, a place of harsh survival and great mineral wealth.

The Cold Sea

An cold and windy northern sea.


Mountainous island of dwarves and hoblings.

Dragon Isles

The home of the dragons in the middle of the stormy tempest sea.

Elba Sea

A temperate and blustery sea with strong southern winds during the summer months.


A humid region to the South.

/Far Verge/

On the edge of civilization.


A forested region of elves and hoblings.


The bread and butter of civilization where the conflict between humans and goblins is most prominent.


A desolate region of cold and ice.

Seriander Ocean

An ocean of cold and violent personality with frequent storms.

Solestran Ocean

A mild and temperate ocean.


Impassible jungle eventually gives way to lifeless deserts. None dare to explore this region.

The Tempest

A sea of constant storms and thick fog that hides uncountable hazards. No sailor in his right mind would leave sight of the shore in these waters.


A place where barbaric tribes of all races intermingle.