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Amren is located on the shores of the Elba Sea; it is the largest and wealthiest city of the Federation and the seat of the senate. It is the central trade hub between the Federation and the other nations of the Verge and the Empire. It's role as a trade gateway to the Empire makes it one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the Verge.

Amren has four representatives in the senate, chosen by lottery every three years. Officially anybody can enter the lottery but the aristocrats have done what they can, through literacy requirements and entry taxes, to prevent non-aristocrats from participating.

Unlike most towns of the Federation, Amren has no walls surrounding it. This is fortunate as the population of the city certainly would have out-grown any borders many years ago. The center if the city near the palace is quite dense, from the days of the third era, and becomes progressively more scattered the further away you go.


Amren withstood the savages of the third era due to the beneficial guardianship of an eternal by the same name. The spirit Amren held back the goblin hoards for centuries but at great cost to herself. Near the end of the third age she was so weakened that Amren would have fallen but for the appearance of a human hero named David Tanbriar. David rallied the citizens of the city to form the first city militia; together David and the spirit Amren were able to fortify the city against the goblins.

David married the spirit Amren and became King David the Humble of Amren. The spirit Amren gave David unnaturally long life and he rules the city even to the current day; the spirit herself rarely leaves the palace but she can occasionally be seen walking the streets of the city during dawn and dusk.


The Palace

The palace is small my any standards, about the size of a manor house; one could understandably think that the term "palace" was applied as a joke in days long past. Nevertheless "palace" is what everybody calls it throughout the Federation.

The palace is a building of white marble. It is the size and shape of a large manor house. It is the home of the king and queen of Amren, who live quite and humble lives.

The Market

The Docks

The AEther Gate

The AEther Gate sits in the middle of a large park adjacent to the palace. The gate has been broken or disabled for centuries but still instills a sense of awe and fear in any who see it and especially those who remember what it is.


House of Hugo

The House of Hugo is the largest trading company in the Empire and has a large presence in Amren. The House of Hugo only deals in Empire coins.

Lord Jon Vainsteel is the captain of the House of Hugo in Amren.

Brothers of Atlantis

The largest trading company in Amren and the Verge is the Brothers of Atlantis. The Brothers have dozens of ships that sail to all ports in the Verge and the Homelands and many ports elsewhere as well.